• IFA -Berlin Germany - 5 Sept - 10 Sept, 2014 - World's Largest Consumer Show
  • A Day Made of Glass - 2. The Future? Made possible by CORNING Inc.
  • International CES 2014, Las Vegas, USA - World's Largest Trade Show to exceed 2,700 exhibitors from 140 countries
  • LG Claims World's First 84" ULTRA HDTV
  • SONY 4K sets now available in UK Stores
  • PANASONIC ends production of PLASMA in December 2013
  • SAMSUNG demonstrate amazing OLED TV
  • HUMAX produce a snapshot into UK's viewing habits

Welcome to HD TVinfo - your insight of the VISION & SOUND

The most comprehensive source of INFO relating to
the latest HD [High Definition] TV screen technologies 
as they evolve.

2013 sees the launch of 4K ULTRA HD TV, having 
four times more pixels than FULL HD.

4K ULTRA HD - 8 Million Pixels / Resolution 3,840 x 2,160

FULL HD - 2 Million Pixels / Resolution 1,920 x 1,080

As we know, FULL HD is Fantastic, so try and imagine 
the difference - as seen at the 2013 CES trade event, 
the quality is AWESOME. 

Make sure you pop into your local independent retailer 
to view for yourself [anticipated availability mid 2013]

More GREAT News announced by Ofcom in July 2013
is the issuing of a licence to allow the availability of
up to 10 HD Channels on Terrestrial Freeview HD
by early 2014.

Thank you for visiting HDTVINFO.

Stuart Hopwood - Group Editor / Director

 The INFO currently compiled is with the assistance of many
individuals, organisations, major manufacturers
and distributors of HD products.

? LISTEN to the VISION™Just remember, 
HD transmissions also provide a much higher 
quality of SOUND performance.

Consideration of an external SOUND system to
complement your amazing HD TV will provide
a more complete HD experience.

HD* Terrestrial - [Via an aerial]
Please note that you MUST have a Freeview HD 
receiver to obtain all relevant channels in HD VISION
and SOUND - normal Freeview set top boxes WILL NOT 
reproduce HD programmes - they will only receive 
the digital transmission.

Please contact your local independent retailer for 
professional advice.
Majority are Members of the UK's most respected 
association - RETRA [Radio, Electrical & Television 
Retailers Association]

[FREE HD Programmes can also be received via FREESAT.

Subscription HD is available from Cable suppliers,
including, Virgin & BT, plus satellite supplier SKY.    


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