• IFA -Berlin Germany - 5 Sept - 10 Sept, 2014 - World's Largest Consumer Show
  • A Day Made of Glass - 2. The Future? Made possible by CORNING Inc.
  • International CES 2014, Las Vegas, USA - World's Largest Trade Show to exceed 2,700 exhibitors from 140 countries
  • LG Claims World's First 84" ULTRA HDTV
  • SONY 4K sets now available in UK Stores
  • PANASONIC ends production of PLASMA in December 2013
  • SAMSUNG demonstrate amazing OLED TV
  • HUMAX produce a snapshot into UK's viewing habits

Welcome to BLU-RAY Info - your insight to HD VISION & SOUND

Blu-ray INFO is the most comprehensive source of information 
relating to the latest Blu-ray Discnews and technologies as 
they evolve.

This vast amount of INFO is compiled with the assistance of 
many organisations including the major manufacturers and 
distributors of Blu-ray Disc products.

Remember ......

Having the complete HD package on software is fanatstic, 
provided suitable, external hi-fi sound equipment is 
connected to the product reproducing the vision.

? January 2012 50 Years of James Bond on Disc announced at CES.

? The Alternative?'Streaming' is rapidly growing with
IPTV [Internet Protocol TV] the purchase and possession
of Blu-ray Discs is still popular to completely benefit the
FULL HD experience of HD Sound and HD Vision.

This is especially so as many still currently struggle with
available Broadband Technology and Services still not
up to many Global high speeds, especially in the UK.

Blu-ray Disc is still the favoured format by the purists.


Stuart Hopwood - Group Editor / Director

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